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  • Individual modules can be up to 90% complete and shipped from the factory to the home site. All walls, flooring, ceilings, stairs, and even wall finishes are completed in the factory before shipment.
  • Once all building materials arrive at the factory, some manufacturers can assemble modules in a single day
  • Typically, a two-story, 2,500 sq. ft. home can be constructed in the factory in a week & once delivered to the site, can be move-in ready in approximately three months
  • Modular homes are inspected regularly both in the factory (at various points of the construction process) and onsite. Often, they are subjected to more safety, structural integrity and quality-control inspections than site-built homes.
  • Aside from any cost savings, modular home buyers benefit from the short assembly time of their home, reducing any amount of weather damage or home site vandalism
  • U.S. Census data shows that modular homes continue to have a strong presence in the Northeast, accounting for nearly 10% of home completions in the past five years
  • In the Midwest, between 4-7% of homes completed are modular
  • Modular construction is gaining popularity on the West Coast

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