People have a wrong notion that modular structures are just place on a land. In the developing and under developing countries the size of the property is not standard as they come in various sizes and shapes.

Common question asked is the price per square foot or square meter which is dependant on the country. It is a method of acquiring a ball park cost of architecture with different characteristics. But this is not a reliable method to know the cost of a particular design structure as the square footage or square meter is a tool to acquire a ball park estimate in the price range of the structure.

There are many factors that affect the cost of building, for example, size, the level of finish, the complexity involved in the construction, plumbing fixtures, electrical fixtures, tile flooring, solar fixtures, carpet, window, doors and other components.

Complexity of structure affects the construction cost and most of the time it is not understood by the potential homeowners. The foundation cost of the architecture is dependant on the ground condition to the area of the structure as well as its design, shape, and it's relationship to the cost of roof.

Planning foresight and quality floor plan with all details worked out in advance avoids additional costing and unforeseen situation. The modular structures are not supplied off the shelf but manufactured according to buyer's specifications and property. Building system process begins by engineering your custom structure on a 3D computer system, after which our engineers analyze the data to make sure that it is structurally sound.

The architecture of your dream start from the footings, where the home meets the ground. Everything is supported by the footings, it's determined the area you live in. Stem walls or concrete foundation walls (brick or concrete block) other vertical elements needed to support the floor (piers and steel columns). And beam typically supporting the floor joists, which in turn is supported by the foundation walls and intermittent.

Walls separate the interior space into rooms within the structure. Wall may support a load from above (load-bearing) or simply their own weight. Ceiling in turn are supported by the walls below or by a ceiling beam. Ceiling is included in the load bearing elements of the house as it add on it weight to the wall attached to it. All the weight is carried down through the roof, walls, floor, foundation walls, and footings to the ground.

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