At DRM, we believe that your lifestyle is unique.

That's why we work to give you a blank canvas that you can fill in. We are world-renowned for custom-built homes which make use of modern, sleek materials that fit perfectly with what you love most.

We know that sometimes your lifestyle might not fall into the conventional norms. That's perfectly fine. We're flexible. Our goal is to give you a dream home that you can fill with what you love, all for a reasonable cost.

So let's put our heads together and come up with a home that fits your unique style. Our world-class designers will do the rest. You just worry about what to fill it with.

Prefab Home Interior

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Address: 5545 Willingdon Avenue
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Tel: +1(604) 782-5545
Fax: +1(604) 430-5233
Caribbean & Latin America
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