Concrete prefabricated bathrooms, kitchens & living rooms assure a high level of quality and saves time and money in construction.


Investors and engineers around the world have been deciding in favor of prefabricated interiors for decades. Precast concrete interiors can reduce work-in-connection labor on site drastically & also shorten the construction period of the entire home.

Walls and roofs are made of reinforced concrete, lightweight concrete can also be used. Sound reduction levels are used and usually offer 50 to 90 minute fire resistance. Flexibility in construction allows a client to be offered a range of fittings and finishes.

The installation of prefabricated bathroom pods is followed by the installation of plumbing connections. Vertical connecting installations can be performed in a classical way on the spot. They can also be pre-installed in a plumbing block, integrated into the prefabricated bathroom or as a separate unit. Concrete countertops and pre-cast concrete sinks are right at home as your master bath sink or guest bathroom sink and make spectacular bathroom vanities or other bath fixtures.

Now that marble and granite sinks have become part of bath decor, luscious concrete vessel sinks and fixtures are today's interior design gold standard, and the lavatory never had it so good.

The fireplace or hearth is often the centerpiece of the home, a focal point where family and friends can gather to relax and unwind. Precast fireplaces, barbecues, as well as sinks and countertops ensures a smoothly textured and highly controlled outcome that lasts a lifetime.

The art of precast each individual piece, rather than pouring on site, allows the concrete to be cured for maximum durability. This provides the ideal canvas for a kitchen, bath or outdoor dining area that is uniquely one's own.

Precast is a premium construction method that offers many performance benefits. It becomes increasingly cost effective and economical when repetition can be built into the process. The longevity of precast structures and theirresistance to both everyday and extreme eventsmean that institutional investors and otherfunding bodies tend to look favorably upon theprecast option.

The architecture and performance qualities of precastmean that units can be sold or leased easily.The fact that precast components can be dismantledmeans that it is easy to add extensions or newwings to precast structures.

Simply remove endpanels and continue building – the endpanels can be reinstalled upon completion. With amazing structural properties, fire and moldresistance, andmodularity and functionalbenefits, precast concretebuildings may in somecases attract lowerinsurance premiums thanthose built with otherconstruction materials. This can becomeparticularly apparent inhigh-risk areas such asthose at risk fromtornados, hurricanes,floods, fire and burglary.

There's no doubt that the many advantages of precast comprise a significant package. It's super strong,long-lasting and resists buoyancyunderground. And it offers beauty and value through attractive finishes,modularity and quick all-weatherinstallation above ground.

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