Reliable Precast Concrete
Reliable Precast Concrete

Concrete is the most commonly used building material. Here we will highlight some advantages of precast concrete for architects, designers, engineers, contractors, insurers and environmentalists.

Steel Frame Homes
Steel Frame Homes

Steel Frames are used in the construction of buildings, bridges and modular homes. Steel machines are built to manufacture products, transport vehicles and containers for shipping among other…

Time for Change
Time for Change

As technology has improved ways to build homes, one can come to a conclusion that conventional "stick-built" method of building is not the future as all-inclusive high standard homes can be…

Modular Architect
Modular Architect

There is a misconception that modular homes look alike. Modular homes have no design limitations. They can be built for accessible living and designed for future conveniences.

Structure Components
Structure Components

Building system process begins by engineering your custom home on a 3D computer system, after which our engineers analyze the home to make sure that it is structurally sound.

Manufacture Components
Manufacture Components

Using prefabricated components can bring substantial cost savings, especially on big projects such as apartments, hotels and hospitals that have a large number of identical layouts.

Recent Posts...

modular city

Modular City

Jan 28, 2017
A modular or a prefabricated home is Built in a factory-like and a climate-controlled area and assembled in the destination;
masonry steel frame

Masonry vs Steel Frame

Jan 03, 2017
The load bearing masonry buildings has once been considered to be the most efficient and reliable construction choices, the technologies however have been improved fundamentally during the recent years. These heavy, labor and material intensive constructions…
eco friendly green homes 2016

Eco Friendly Green Home

Dec 11, 2016
DRM Modular homes come in all shades of colours, but the most important of all is the colour “green”! These environmentally friendly homes save your budget while constructing without compromising building’s structure and design. They will be appreciated for…
startJourney live yourDream
Tips - DIY

DRM Prefab - Starting your Journey, Live your Dream!

Nov 22, 2016
The professional and knowledgeable DRM staff is next to you, happy to assist you to make your dream home come true! From the decision making stage DRM engineers and designers will ensure you are choosing the design and place for your home that best reflects…
solar home system
Green Energy

Solar Home System - Modular Homes of the Future

Oct 28, 2016
It is easier and cheaper than you think to power your home with solar energy. Homes with rooftop solar panels have become a trend.
solar wind dual
Green Energy

Solar Wind Dual Power - Quick Preview of the Advantages

Oct 27, 2016
Renewable energy for homes offers many benefits to homeowners plus it helps towards a brighter environment-friendly future.
change way to build

Building your home in life-changing way!

Oct 14, 2016
Modular construction is a process in which a building is constructed off-site, under controlled plant conditions, in “modules” that when put together on site, reflect the identical design intent and specifications of the most sophisticated site-built facility…

Computer Aided Design (CAD)

Sep 07, 2016
DRM is the lead in the modular home designs, especially when it comes to green technologies. Computer Aided Design (CAD) used by the in-house designers’ team in DRM makes it possible to minimize the loss of natural resources used when building the house.
made to order2

Made-to-Order Modular Prefabs

Aug 25, 2016
DRM Company designs and builds modular houses and apartments around the world for many years. From the idea generation till its fruitful conclusion, DRM team is with you to create your dream home of any style, design, shape and size.
drm construction team

DRM Construction Team

Jul 26, 2016
Building your tailored home with exceptional quality standards doesn’t really have to be expensive. Start your distinctive lifestyle with DRM and do not compromise on design and excellence while trying to be cost efficient.
drm home presentation

DRM Home Presentation

Jul 16, 2016
Own the house that is meant for you! We shape your home from hopes and dreams... A colorful place to live your blissful story! A place you can dream with no boundaries! A place you can create with confidence ...And to feel protected… If you mean to live your…
ship deliver construct

Your Dream Home - Shipping, Delivery and Construction

Jun 23, 2016
With a faithful approach to its customers, DRM refuses to rest on its laurels. With an aim to make its services accessible for the customers from various countries around the world, it produces custom made structures in line with the region specific building…
green initiative
Green Energy

DRM Green Initiative for the future

Jun 05, 2016
Save the environment for your future! Design and construct homes together with DRM, to reduce pollution rescuing the life of future generations.
Prefabricated Dream House Interior

Dream House Interior - Modular Prefab Home at its Best!

May 16, 2016
Welcome to your dream home! It is now worth coming and staying home! A place where the most creative and beautiful design came to life! A place to enjoy comfort and harmony! A place which best mirrors your spirit … And your story! Unique interior design…
construction engineering

Construction Engineering

Apr 28, 2016
For decades DRM Investments LTD designs and builds houses, apartments and business centers around the world. This team of highly enthusiastic professionals are firmly committed to creativity, innovation and personalization of services starting from concept…
Retirement Prefab Homes in Caribbean
Tips - DIY

Retire to Caribbean

Dec 02, 2015
Rejuvenate yourself with life in the Caribbean. With its white sand beaches, pristine waters, and warm climate, what better place to build a dream home than in the Caribbean.

Prefab Homes Interior - Your unique lifestyle

Nov 26, 2015
At DRM, we believe that your lifestyle is unique. That's why we work to give you a blank canvas that you can fill in.

Prefabricated Luxury Villas in Caribbean

Nov 22, 2015
Where do you want to make your home? We know, it's a simple question. But sometimes it can be a challenge to find a home that just feels right. That's why we're here. We are DRM and we help you build your dream home.

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Housing forecasts in Japan

Jun 08, 2013
Being a Japanese home owner has been a disappointing experience beginning in the late…
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Building Foundation

Sep 12, 2013
Foundation is used to support a building or structure and transmits loads directly to the…
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Housing Forecast in India

Jun 09, 2013
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