Prefabricated Workshop Buildings - Factory and Commercial Prefab Structures

DRM Prefabricated Workshop Modular Structures can be used as Workshop, Warehouse, Office Building, Gymnasium...

Prefab modular steel workshop appeared in the industrial revolution. They are buildings or rooms that provide the tools or machinery for the manufacture or repair of manufactured goods. In some industries they are the only location for production.

Prefabricated steel modular workshop building offers all the benefits of a sectional steel building, but to a higher specification, it is factory-clad in box profile sheeting in a range of colors and different insulated version of this building. The building is manufactured in a modular form, so that it can be quickly and easily erected and the size of the workshop is pre-made according to customer needs.

An extraordinary level of craftsmanship and technology goes into the making of each workshop unit, ensuring safety, comfortable area that will help increase the overall efficiency of the workshop.

Prefab Workshop Main Features

  • Wide application: the steel factory building can be used as workshop, warehouse, office building, gymnasium, etc.
  • Short construction period: since all components are manufactured in factory, we just do a simple installation in site, which has greatly lessened the construction time.
  • Durable & easy maintenance: The careful and precise design makes factory building can stand up to harsh climate; with a life span of more than 25 years under normal maintenance.
  • Reasonable cost: with a light self weight and short construction time, steel factory building has much lower cost than concrete ones.
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