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With a housing shortage in Africa and other developing regions, there has been a large demand for our prefab homes. Feel (?) prefab houses are a perfect solution to the housing crisis as they provide an affordable, durable and quick solution.

Every family across the world wants a place to call home. We have tailored our floor plans to meet each dream home design - from every part of the world and every budget, our prefab homes are the solution.

DRM Prefab - Modular Home Construction for Africa

For warm climates such as Africa, we recommend using two main prefabricated construction methods. Steel Prefabricated Homes or Modular Prefab Homes of Cement. These affordable prefabricated methods provide quality and durable prefab homes. For further details, read the articles under our Prefab menu.


Modular Prefabricated Homes - Design and Functionality

All in one

There is a misconception that modular homes look too much alike. But in fact, Modular homes have no design limitations. You can create any modular home ranging from a traditional center hall colonial, to one that is Mediterranean or African in style. You can add any style window or architectural detail that you desire, and an architect can help with that process.

A great architect does much more than designing a good looking house. Certainly, curb appeal is a large part of the task, as this is what people see first, but an architect is responsible for the functional design of the home as well. It's the little things that make a house truly a dream home and DRM Investments has the expertise to blend the forms and functions & execute the plans to perfection anywhere in African subcontinent.

Modular homes are versatile as rooms or floors can be added to the existing home easily. Of course, engineers will need to check the strength of the ground floor to ensure that it will support the weight of the additional floor above for previous structures. That being said, improvements can be done at a much lower cost and in a shorter time period compared to stick-built additions.

Our architects have worked out the load bearing and foundation requirements from the design stage of the floor plan from the start for almost all regions of Africa. It's beneficial to have a modular concrete home that have a long life span and expand as your family members or needs grow.


Main Advantages of Modular Construction

Installing a modular homeModules are produced at the factory under control environments. This process produces less material waste during the production, making it more eco-friendly. Concrete components are made with precision containers and are shipped to the building site for assembly.

Modular construction is built on a permanent foundation and conforms to the same building codes as all African building norms. Its manufacturing facilities have quality control, staff that enforce and review the work for each trade thereby maintaining the safety and manufacturing standards. It has a faster construction speed as it's built off site and can be assembled in conjunction with the foundation preparation. The time saved translates to cost reduction and the owner can occupy the house faster.

Steel and concrete modular constructions are fire resistant and provide more rigidity and load bearing ability. Steel and concrete modular constructions have much more longer life span than traditional homes.


Smart - Energy Efficient Homes

Energy Efficient Prefab Home with Solar Water for AfricaWe understand the unique needs of a homeowner living in Africa and have incorporated alternative energy sources in order to deal with the power shortages. Solar and wind energy ensure that homeowners always have lights and a warm shower. Other alternative energy packages are also available on request.

Green Modular Homes are inherently more sustainable than site-built housing. Very little material in the construction facility goes to waste. The modular home industry also tends to build smaller amounts and it is considered as a green and logistical advantage. Any green home buyer should appreciate that modular homes are a very environmentally sustainable option in Africa too. 


More Prefabricated Building Solutions for Africa

In addition to our single family prefabricated homes, we also have large scale design options for Africa bazaars, shopping arcades, and Africa Multipurpose Modular Buildings from Public Services like Schools and Hospitals, to Businesses Buildings for Offices, Retail Stores, Hotels or residential mutli-block buildings like apartments.


It's time for change...


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