Engineered to withstand hurricane and earthquake forces, the houses offered by DRM are made of structural steel combined with concrete.

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"Affordable and Sustainable housing for all" is a value incorporated in all our DRM homes and home designs. But DRM's approach goes even further. Safety and peace of mind for a homeowner is our duty. We are often being asked by our customers who live in areas plagued by natural disasters if our Modular Homes are strong enough to withstand storms and hurricanes or earthquakes. We totally comprehend these valid concerns and we have the answer. 

Designed for the Caribbean Islands/West Indies countries

Based on our long-standing experience, we have produced a specially designed structural steel home construction combined with concrete and a roof system, that creates a building that resists even the strongest hurricane winds or earthquakes. Our Hurricane-Proof homes are the solution for areas like Cuba, Puerto Rico and other Caribbean Islands, that are often facing such extreme weather conditions and natural disasters.


DRM Hurricane-Proof and Earthquake resistant Home - Safety Highlights

  • Metal Roof structures used by DRM, are strong and most resistant to impacts from flying debris. They are cast into the structural steel frame.
  • A strong roof and strong walls remain attached to each other and function as a single unit, securely attached to the foundation, to provide an envelope and to keep the wind out of your home.
  • A waterproof membrane is bonded to the surface of the roof and wall to prevent water penetration.
  • In addition to supporting the exterior walls, structural steel beams provide bearing for concrete that makes up the floor structure together to perform as one reinforced unit.
  • DRM wall panels provide an extra layer of protection when creating a hurricane-resistant home. Not only does it help regulate the temperature of your home and cut out sound, it also helps absorb most of the impact of high-speed projectiles. This reduces the potential damage to the interior of the home.
  • DRM high-impact glass windows are double-glazed, made up of two panes of tempered glass separated, plus thermal to shut out the sun's heat and also cut out the sound by over 60%, look like standard windows, so they don’t affect a home’s appearance.
  • DRM metal door protects the home against hurricane-force winds and flying debris.
  • To address flood, the structure is elevated, build with materials that can get wet and are easy to dry.
  • Due to DRM construction method, a DRM Home is also fire-resilient. 

While the local houses are still using the stick-built-on-site method, it's time to change and build with stronger building codes. Choose DRM and take advantage of new construction materials and techniques to build your new, strong home!  

DRM! Now your home is the safest place to be during a severe hurricane!

DRM High-Quality-Assurance 

All DRM homes are pre-built in our state-of-the-art production facility and then transported to the building-site for assembling! DRM high-quality-assurance guarantee ensures quality control throughout the production cycle, including the design, building materials, timeframes and costs involved, that extends up to the final delivery of the house and the after sales support - comprising an outstanding and complete service for our customers.


About Hurricanes!

Hurricanes measured on the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale may vary from Category 1 up to Category 5.

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  • Category 1 - winds range from 74 to 95 mph. Falling debris may strike people and older mobile homes could be destroyed.
  • Category 2 - winds range between 96 and 110 mph. People and livestock may be injured or die due flying debris.
  • Category 3 - winds range from 111 to 129 mph. Homes, apartments and industrial buildings may experience major damage, and the storm may uproot many trees that may block roads.
  • Category 4 - winds range from 130 to 156 mph. Falling and flying debris poses a very high risk of injury. And some homes may totally collapse.
  • Category 5 - winds are 157 mph or higher. People and pets may be in danger from flying debris, even indoors. Most mobile homes will be completely destroyed, and a high percentage of homes will be destroyed. Commercial buildings with wood roofs will experience severe damage, metal buildings may collapse and windows will nearly all be blown out.

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