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The basics needs of human existences are food, clothing and shelter. From times immemorial man has been making efforts in improving their standard of living. The point of this project is to provide an economical and energy efficient housing. The possession of shelter besides being a basic use, gives families a feeling of security, responsibility and shows the social status of man. Every human being has an inherent liking for a peaceful environment needed for his pleasant living, this object is achieved by having a place of living situated in a safe and convenient location, such a place have to be comfortable and pleasant for living. These requirements have to be considered and kept in view.


Our proposed site is located in La-Feuillet, Quarter. of Gros-Islet in the north of the Island. The lots are close to the main road. The lots are fully serviced and ideally situated between Castries and Rodney Bay. Each lot will have a 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms residential home on it.


The aim of the project is to plan, design and build single-family modular homes that are green and energy efficient. The property developers and architect has kept in mind the municipal conditions, building by-laws, environment, financial capacity, electrical, water, telephone and sewage arrangement.


The housing needs are getting greater every year as more young professionals have settled in their jobs and are now ready to make that step into home ownership. It's a dream of every young couple, newlywed, and other career personnel to achieve that primary unit of human habitation. The house is built to grant the protection against storms, earthquakes, fire and to give insurance against physical insecurity of all kinds.

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