Adequate safe housing and sanitary conditions are basic to human life. DRM Investments LTD has a wide variety of Modern Modular Prefab Solutions to offer, from family homesmid-rise apartments, condominiums, town flats and more...

Our prefab modular structure designs can be scaled up to skyscraper heights and offer all the amenities required by today's owners. Prefab modular concrete homes or flats are environmentally friendly, improve the construction process and lifespan of the structures to last for decades.


Why DRM Modular Prefabs Homes for the Caribbean?

Housing Situation in the Caribbean

Disaster impact and deficient housing conditions are both interrelated phenomena. A Large portion of the Caribbean regions are prone to natural disasters and this has a significant impact on the housing situation in the Caribbean Islands and their people life. The housing situation in the Caribbean can be identified as critical. Apart from the natural disasters, poor housing in the Caribbean is a result of the unplanned urbanization and uneven distribution of economic activities. 

"We believe that our Modular Prefab Homes can be the answer to the housing shortage in Caribbean Islands, like Jamaica, Puerto Rico, Haiti, Cuba, Bahamas, Dominican Republic and more..."

Recent technological advancements in Modular Prefab Construction, allow manufacturers to produce strong and sustainable buildings that can withstand hurricane wind, rain, earthquake and fire disasters.

In addition, our modern modular construction methods succeed to provide a quicker building process than the traditional home building methods -homes are produced in the factory and delivered ready for assembly to the construction site-  fewer man-hours needed for construction time, no wastage of materials, projects can be completed at a lower cost, and structures are built to code standards and on budget.

DRM streamlined production flow and global platform, enable us to deliver multi-units on a large scale, thus we can meet the requirements of wide-range housing development or reconstruction projects.

DRM Disaster Proof Homes - Hurricane Earthquake Fire!

No Design Limitations - Customized Modular Structures


DRM Homes have no design limitations and can be tailored to any budget. Our modular houses and any prefabricated building can be completely customized to meet each customer or project needs. Our architects can work with you, to design the home of your dreams. Homes are delivered fully equipped and according to the specifications - there are many options to choose from in our products section, that can come pre-packaged with your home.


Enjoy Safety and Freedom with DRM Compliant Designs and Energy Efficient Homes

combineFinally, all our designs are compliant focused. Local geological, weather and climate conditions are taken into consideration, to produce safe, strong and compliant structures. The appropriate building components are selected carefully. DRM modular homes for Caribbean Islands are designed to be earthquake-resilientweather-proof, thermal insulated and energy-efficient.

In addition, Solar and Wind Power Collectors with Storage and Distribution System, Solar Water Heaters, Rain-Water Harvesting Systems and Thermal-Comfort Windows are options that can be integrated into any DRM modular and prefab buildings, to maximize energy autonomy and freedom, while being a significant money-saver in future utility bills.


Retirement to Caribbean Islands

Your retirement is something you’ve worked for your entire life. The time has come for you to relax, sit under a palm, and feel your toes in the sand. A beachside retirement is a dream for many. And what better place to do this than the Caribbean Islands?

With their world-class beaches, stunning water, and lush rainforests, these are the islands that people come to and never want to leave.

With our help, you can turn this dream into reality. Send us your architect’s designs and the things that are the most important to you and we’ll take care of the rest. We can build you a custom-made green home that fits your needs in a place that will bring you joy into retirement.
Discover the Caribbean Islands. Let us help you plan your dream retirement.



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Energy Efficiency & Earthquake Resistance

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